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19.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Daughter - Love [MP3]

Singer-songwriter Daughter has an incredible, aching talent of wrapping her voice around a phrase in a way that really bites, and nowhere is this more obvious than on her latest melancholy release, Love.

Elena Tonra, to give her her real name, has already unleashed an fistful of angry-voiced acoustic songs on her debut EP His Young Heart this year, and is about to drop her second in the form of the much-anticipated ‘The Wild Youth’. Love , the first track to made available from the imminent release, is a step into a more ethereal, engulfing sound for Tonra, and traces a pattern of danger, longing and dangerous longing through its sparse guitar plucks and echoing, drawn-out ambience.

From the second that Tonra’s voice crackles into life with the words “I can’t forget it, though I’ve tried”, the wincing agony of this song is alive. Soaked in careful breaths and thoughtful inflections, lines like “take your hands off him” and “did she make your heart beat faster than I could?” glisten through this track like embers, and catch in the listener’s mind just as easily.

Stream or download this mesmerising track here, and hear more from Daughter by heading to her Soundcloud .

Daughter – Love (taken from ‘The Wild Youth EP’) by ohDaughter

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