New Music
29.05.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dean Blunt – Narcissist (Inga Copeland ft Snyper remix )

Another blast from Hype Williams’ eternal conversation with the past just came in, in their usual method of communication – an oblique link to a YouTube video. Decorated with a ripped Kappa symbol, it’s a remix by Inga Copeland (one half of Hype) of Dean Blunt’s The Narcissist, the title track of his mixtape, and a young-sounding MC called Snyper. We’re not sure if this is a semi-new moniker of Snyper-E, the Bow MC who had a beef with Trim (the Victoria Park E3 reference may be a hint), and we’re not sure about anything else, frankly, apart from the fact that this is one of the most fully realised songs they’ve committed to hyperspace, taking in indecently raw emotions and the rich history of teenage London in a hyperreal, hypersleepy mix.

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