New Music
19.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dean Blunt -Track 2 (feat Inga Copeland)

Hype Williams, whose ‘One Nation’ [Hippos In Tanks] was our favourite album of last year, unquestionably, have posted a new song. Kind of.

Hype Williams is Dean Blunt and Inga Coupland, but in the last year, there has been speculation over their split, and this new track, titled Track 2 and listed as Dean Blunt (feat Inga Coupland), and that it will appear on ‘The Narcissist II’. ‘The Narcissist I’ was Dean Blunt’s solo CD-R.

No word as yet on what ‘The Narcissist II’ is or will be, but it is tagged “It is with much embarrassment that have returned alive”, a quote by Japanese soldier * Shōichi Yokoi ,* who for 28 years hid in an underground jungle cave, unaware the war he was fighting had ended.

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