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16.09.2021, Words by Billy Ward

DIY duo Temptress share intimate debut EP 'Body'

"The DIY spirit of this EP helped it be as personal and true to us as possible..."

Adding to a steadily growing repertoire of alt-pop and R&B releases, London-based DIY duo Temptress today share their debut EP ‘Body’.

The pair have had a productive year so far, setting the pace with singles ‘Right Here’ and ‘Anxiety’, while mining the edges of both retro and modern influences to carve out a sound of their own.

Consisting of four cuts, two of which had already been released, ‘Body’ introduces a brand new title track as well as a crooning R&B throwback tune ‘My Heart Can’t Break Any More’.

“It is a defining moment for us as artists. Over the last few years, we’ve been developing our skills, sound, and style to the point where three of the four tracks are completely self-made from the writing, mixing, to mastering,” explain the duo. “It’s a really exciting and special feeling to come into our own and be truly comfortable and confident with the music we are making. Almost as much as the music, making our own visuals for this EP played a big part in telling its story. From directing our own videos to creating our own artwork, the DIY spirit of this EP helped it be as personal and true to us as possible.”

Taking responsibility of everything from the writing and production, to the mixing, mastering and visuals, Temptress’ new project is an example of musicians in total control.

Stream ‘Body’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Body’ by Temptress is out now on Plastic Fruit Studios via DMY.

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