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05.02.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

DJ Narrows - The WatchTower

DJ Narrows is a real pioneer, a producer and DJ whose very dark brand of UK Garage sounds a mile away from Moschino jean suits and champagne bubbly, and who has helped to influence other brutalist masters like Slimzee and Plastician. His latest release ‘The WatchTower’ is the fourth of a Soulcraft series, and continues the heavy futurist line with its leading title track a characteristic blend of garage and dubstep styled like house or techno, self-described as: “break[ing] down the Walls of Babylon with his destructive trumpets and attacking the system with formidable gusto and stomping basslines”. ‘The WatchTower’ EP is available to buy on CD, in a batch of 100 with original artwork stenciled and signed by DJ Narrows, here.

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