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01.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Dylan Ettinger - Dawn

Dylan Ettinger is a musician based in Bloomington, Indiana, who you may already know from his discombobulated synth works previously released on the Not Not Fun label. He’s followed up last year’s ‘Lifetime Of Romance’ with a casette tape for Night People, the first streamable cut of which is the stomping Dawn. If 2011 single Lion Of Judah was a withering slice of abstracted dub, Dawn feels a its livelier, beat-led equivalent, and it’s kind of all the better for it. It builds into something surprisingly groovy through those imposing synth sequences, with the delay slapped over the voice giving it an essence of lo-fi making it more worthy of the casette-only release. Order the tape, titled ‘Crucify Your Love’, from Night People now.

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