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Forever Traxx
30.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Forever Traxx - Stavanger Nights

We can't say that we know an awful lot about Forever Traxx – information about them on the net is scarce to say the least. You can imagine that, with their decidedly internet-y aesthetic, it's the sort of music that doesn't have a home beyond Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but the Forever Traxx Facebook page suggests that they DJ infrequently around their native Vienna.

What can be said for certain is that they make some seriously good music. Stavanger Nights is a lush arpeggio track, the synths shifting almost imperceptibly into different sounds and back again.

The individual sounds are quite beautiful, but there's something about the way they're used that's slightly more sinister – the tempo progressively increases and the elements pile up on top of each other and threaten to overload. The escalation is like a building panic attack, as if nothing is changing yet everything is, but it subsides at the end and you're left with the lush sounds it started with.

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