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26.02.2020, Words by Billy Ward

Free download: Lixo's dreamy 'Ambo' takes its cues from old school rave sonics

Characterised by twitchy percussion and expansive snyths, you can download the new track here...

Under the banner of Lixo, Alex Hislop has combined over ten years of music industry experience with his deep-rooted creative flair to produce some of the most forward-thinking dance sounds around right now.

Whether it’s cranking up the volume at parties, appearing on radio shows or working with his label GETME! to host an array of club nights, Lixo is placed at the epicentre of dance culture and has left his mark on the scene through a collection of boundary-stretching tunes like ‘Phoxi’, which first premiered on Dummy in 2018.

Now returning with a new production ‘Ambo’, Hislop carves out a throwback sound characterised by twitchy percussion and expansive synths, a dreamy cut that also taps into rave swerve and breaks.

Listen – and download – ‘Ambo’ now:

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