New Music
Great Skin
31.07.2013, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Great Skin - Incubate

Fun fact: your skin is your largest organ. And great skin, obvs, is the holy grail. So it's a relief then, that NYC-based producer/pianist Great Skin embodies the sensuality that his name implies. Having previously worked with fellow New Yorker Physical Therapy, contributing to his debut EP 'Safety Net', he's now stepping out on his own with the dreamy Incubate (listen on the left). Floating somewhere between ambient and languid drum'n'bass, it flows like night air on warm skin. There's also a couple of lovely piano improvisations on his Soundcloud that further demonstrate his breeze-like sensibility, dancing – or skating, even – across the keys with the most delicate of touches. Great Skin: sink in.




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