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30.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Hackman - Forgotten Notes

Hackman’s been fairly steady with his releases since he started out in 2009, and has managed to keep his head above the other million UK producers surrounding him. From last summer’s ‘Close’ EP to Agree To Disagree released earlier this year, this guy’s really been on to something with his modern, mixed up take on funky house, two-step and garage.

New single Forgotten Notes was released into hyperspace on Friday and fell upon very welcoming ears. It’s a fairly chilled one, tempo-wise not too dissimilar to 2010’s Always, but the beat is interrupted a of couple times by drum-less intervals, where the vocal samples take hold instead, in the same way that the tune opens. Although so far he’s been releasing pretty regularly, we’ve not yet had an album from the young man – fingers crossed Forgotten Notes is a sign of a full-length in progress.

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