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24.02.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Becoming Real!"

Becoming Real’s warped take on Wiley’s eskibeat first swam into focus towards the end of 2009, and we’ve been enourmous fans ever since. His sound is devoted to the minimal, cold strand of early grime music, but – like a disparate bunch of producers, from Jam City to Spooky – he’s stretching this sound, warping it into ever more pretty, frightening, ghostly shapes. After releasing two excellent EPs – Jens Clock on Ramp and Spectre on Not Even – he’s going it alone, putting out Closer/Antarctic City on his own label, Cold World Industries. Check them out below.

His live show’s a sight to see, and tomorrow night, the 25th February, Becoming Real will be at our 2nd birthday party with Snoretex, Actress, Lone and Pariah at XOYO. Do come along!

Antarctic City by Becoming Real

What’s your name? Becoming Real

How old are you? 12

What’s your current location? E3

How would you describe your sound? Ice cold fucking synth music.

How do you record? Quickly and deeply

What’s your previous experience? Being a legend

Who are your heroes? Probably myself

What’s your next release? 12” Closer/Antarctic City/Closer (jam city remix)

When are you next playing, after the Dummy party on the 25th February? Dirty Canvas @ Cable w/ Terror Danjah , The Bug n others 12th March.

Your next release is coming out on your own label. What were the reasons for setting that up? To create a space for my music to live without limit or constraints. To be able to realise my vision fully and without compromise. Oh and money!

What can we expect from your set on friday? Eski buisness as usual .

Please come to our 2nd birthday party with Becoming Real, Actress, Lone, Pariah and Snoretex.

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