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22.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Dave I.D.!"

Dave I.D’s ‘Gangs’ EP, out back at the end of January on K7!, sounds big. Booming sounds of grit and grey, thick, doom-beckoning guitars and noise, swept up in a tense, jittery paranoia. These are tight, melodic songs though, mostly in the vein of the dark end of ’80s pop and post-punk. An album is apparently in the works. In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for him playing live in London, and download his track Lights on this page.





Current location?


Your sound?

My sound!

How you record?

From home with my own set-up. I’ve collected/found bits of gear for about 7 years now, and I still pretty much use whatever I can to create what I’m feeling. It varies most of the time how I record to get what I want.

Previous experience?

Being a kid.


Heroes mainly come down to attitude! It doesn’t really matter who they are or what they’ve done.

Last release?

It was my first EP called ‘Gangs’, which came out on Off the Uncertain Button/!k7 at end of January/ early February.

Next release?

My Album, which I have just finished, and there may also be a single release before that.

Next playing?

I’ll play another secret show in Dalston in March and I’ll play some new tracks from the forthcoming album for the first time, so look out for that.

I feel like there’s something quite apocalyptic about your music. Where do the ideas for your tracks come from?

My brain! I Guess growing up in London and seeing first hand how a place can change so much, and in a way see how it destroys itself through losing its own identity, this has alot to do with what I feel generally and possibly feeds through me. Also the awareness i have and the different experiences i’ve encountered, there’s a lot of talk about paranoia in my music from other people, which is kind of weird, I only say what I know…………. More than anything I’d say it’s self destructive, self competitive and honest.

We saw you playing a few weeks ago. The strobe lighting was amazing. How important is the visual side of things to you when playing live?

It’s important, but only after I get everything else right! i.e. Music, songs, sound etc! The sound that day was terrible. But, I like the vision aspect brought in to my live shows and it will be something I will develop, but playing my own songs and translating my sound live over-ride that everytime, otherwise it just becomes smoke and mirrors.

K7! released Dave I.D’s ‘Gangs’ EP on January 31st


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