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23.02.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Snoretex!"

We first came across Snoretex a few months back when Sam was good enough to send us his track Strange Aeons. We’d all been fans of Walls (which he is one half of alongside Banjo Or Freakout’s Alessio Natalizia) and the lushly textured noise of their self-titled debut album. He also does great work as part of DJ pair Allez-Allez. As Snoretex, the mood is more intimate, the twinkling pulsations of Strange Aeons lap soothingly, folding the listener in. He also contributed to RVNG Intl’ reissue of Harald Grosskopf’s ‘Synthesist’, a light, spider-web sprawl reworking of the title track. Meanwhile, the mix he made for us last week included new track Winterval, which showcases a more propulsive, dance-leaning, side to his sound. Basically, we’re thrilled to have him playing at our party this Friday where he’ll be putting on his debut live show. Below, he explains something of himself.

Name? Sam Willis.

Age? 33.

Current location? Hackney, London.

Your sound? Freewheeling oscillators, hot tubes, crunchy drums.

How you record? To virtual Studer tape.

Previous experience? Creative Writing studies BA, White Hart Lane Blockbuster video shelf stacking award.

Heroes? Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, David Lynch.

Last release? Walls s/t album on Kompakt.

Next release? Snoretex ‘Strange Aeons’ single on Buzzin’ Fly out 28th March.

Next playing? This is it for now!

How is working as Snoretex different to your other projects? I’m still finding out, but I guess in some ways more intense and internalised.

Could you tell us a bit about what you have planned for the Snoretex live show? An exploration of sound, rhythm and timbre! Melancholic ambience, fizzing bass and pulsing drums most probably…

Buzzin’ Fly will release Snoretex’s single ‘Strange Aeons’ on March 28th, he will also play our Dummy party at XOYO on February 25th

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