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15.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

hidingthehurt's 'I Couldn't Save You' Is a Vulnerable Hero Complex

First new music since 2023 record 'From Fieldfare With Love'

hidingthehurt's first track of 2024 is a candid, sentimental number that ruminates on his feelings of guilt surrounding his musical impact.

“It's crazy seeing people message me saying that my music has saved their life. But the other side is equally important. For sure I harbour feelings of guilt for those who I'm unable to help in that same way,“ he says.

The track has been a while in the making. Originally created back in November 2022 in an East London flat with Dom Anca (production and mixing for Coupdekat and Namani), 'I Couldn't Save You' features hidingthehurt's melancholic vocals against pacey emo pop production.

Just 21 years old, the track offers an insight into hidingthehurt's emotional evolution into adulthood and into discovering his voice and sound.

On 'I Couldn't Save You', hidingthehurt addresses themes of unworthiness and self-doubt, evoking the classic hero complex of lamenting those that his music couldn't save. The song also explores the influence of technology on the impact and reach of artists, and their ability to touch the lives of those far and wide.

This track is the first taste of hidingthehurt's second EP, due for release this summer.

Listen vie your preferred service here or on Spotify below.

'I Couldn't Save You' is out via DMY Artists now.

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