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23.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Hype Williams - Galice

Part of the fun of delving into the murky world of Hype Williams/Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland is that it’s usually nigh on impossible to be fully sure of all that’s going on. So when new material appears, it’s worth approaching it with a dose of scepticism. Fortunately, the recently uploaded beat-heavy groove of Galice (the French word for Galicia, an autonomous region of Northwest Spain, duh) sounds like the real deal.

Things ignite with siren outbursts and oozing sub-bass, with a scatty, spiralling breakbeat soon tumbling into earshot. The cyclical nature of the rhythm is mirrored in Inga’s crystal clear vocal, as she pleads repeatedly, “Why don’t you spin me around in your arms again?”. In a similar manner to what made The Narcissist shine so brightly earlier this year, Galice feels refreshingly fully realised. While the duo often excel at producing snapshots of free-flowing improvisational brilliance, these tracks prove they can be a revelation when imbuing their work with a more conventional and developed sense of structure.

Galice appeared this afternoon and claims to be taken from a new release titled ‘London 2012’, due to be released on Saturday 24th November – although this is more than likely just a reference to the fact that the duo will play a rare gig at London’s Tufnell Park Dome tomorrow.

Stream it below and head to the ‘cplnd’ soundcloud page to nab a free download, while you still can:

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