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25.10.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Indignant Senility - Consecration of the Whipstain [album stream]

Portland, Oregon’s Pat Maherr records albums as Indignant Senility and often releases them through Type, a Massachusetts label who are one of our favourites. Maherr records punk music and screwed hip hop under different names, but Indignant Senility is the name of his noise project, which, music like DJ Screw’s hip hop involves slowing records down to expose new layers of sublime terror under each track.

It’s pretty abstract, even by the standards of the Type roster, but somehow more complete and contained than his earlier work. Blasted heath and ayahuasca, there are sketches of labelmates Ezra Honig and Richard Skelton, as well as early Einstrurzende. Melted concertos, this is seriously cool music, you must listen, and buy (it’s out now).

Indignant Senility – Consecration of the Whipstain by _type

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