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12.08.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Jeremih - Late Nights With Jeremih

Chicago’s Jeremih has really hit on his particular brand of smooth on his latest mixtape. ‘Late Nights With Jeremih’ is predominantly set in steamy motels and hazy VIP areas but doesn’t get too involved in the façade that it becomes bland or uninteresting.

Part of Jeremih’s appeal is his voice – a nasally near-whine that doesn’t suffer from the over-refinement of some of his contemporaries – and his almost quaint songwriting. He hilariously brags about girls showing him their underclothes on the hook to the title track and his clear hip-hop influences mean that he stops many of his verses slightly short, affording him space to fill with details about confronting haters in coffee shops and “rhino legs” in the club. His style is perfectly supplemented by the current kings of left-field lucidity Gucci Mane and 2Chainz on Outta Control and the mixtape is full of great singles like Go To The Mo and 773 Love. In equal parts strange, sultry and funny – Jeremih’s mixtape is very good, honest R&B.

‘Late Nights With Jeremih’ isavailable to download and stream for free here.

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