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08.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Joell drops new single 'Safe Outside'

It's "a reminder of the warmth of summer"

Edinburgh's "bad boy with a big heart" Joell follows last year's single 'Hop In The Coupe' with new R&B heater, 'Safe Outside'.

On the track, Joell has managed to bottle the essence of summer with laid-back production. Lyrically, 'Safe Outside' is overflowing with oxytocin. His vocoder-laden vocals sing sweetly of his steadfast commitment to looking after a loved one, speaking on an enduring bond between two souls.

It's a relatable number for anyone who has been completely enamoured by another; capturing the butterflies of being in their presence.

"That secure feeling, I think it’s human nature to protect your love’s head and heart. It’s my duty. it’s what you sign up for when you fall in love,” Joell added.

When writing the track - which is a taste of his upcoming mixtape - Joell let things flow naturally, writing straight from the heart when he heard the melody. He sees 'Safe Outside' accompanying the rolling credits to the happy ending of a feelgood 90s movie.

Listen to the track via your preferred service here or on Spotify below.

'Safe Outside' is out now via DMY Artists.

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