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02.02.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Kat Duma's hypnotic 'Real Life' is about "releasing yourself from expectations, both negative and positive"

The title track from her upcoming EP pushes the boundaries of what we consider pop...

Coinciding with the announcement of her debut album 'Real Life', out April 21, Toronto-based experimental pop artist Kat Duma shares the project's spell-binding title track.

Speaking on the new single, Kat shares: “This was the last song to be added to the record, but I felt like it really unified the work, thematically. The term 'real life' is funny to me, because it doesn’t really mean anything but everyone knows what you mean when you say it. Like, something happening in “real life”, as opposed to on the internet for example, or on vacation, or in your mind."

Originally cutting her teeth in the world of classical music - receiving lessons from her grandfather who was a concertmaster in her native Belgrade - Kat made the transition to electronic music after becoming immersed in the world of music production. 

Laced with ghostly vocals, hazy synths and folk-influenced ambience, Kat's latest offering is a truly remarkable track which pushes the boundaries of what we consider pop. 

"In the song specifically, a lot of it is about oscillating between feeling on top of the world and at the very bottom," she continues. "And how both can feel so real, but neither are actually true. I think the only real escape is through releasing yourself from expectations, both negative and positive.”

Stream the single 'Real Life' below or listen with your preferred player here

'Real Life' by Kat Duma is out now via DMY.

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