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Lapalux HEADSHOT 3
11.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Lapalux - BETHR

The considerable talents of 25-year-old producer Lapalux will be rewarded with a debut album released on Brainfeeder next month, from which we’ve already heard the sensual Guuurl, and a soothing alternate take of Swallowing Smoke.

Taking a break from giving tasters of ‘Nostalchic’, he recently uploaded BETHR on Soundcloud – an introspective track built on, of all things, a sample from Quindon Tarver’s Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good). Using such a ubiquitous sample was always going to be laden with potential pitfalls, and in lesser hands the whole thing could easily fall in on itself. But its smudgy beats wrap themselves around the voice to build real thoughtfulness, like an old raver overcome with melancholy when thinking back to distant days on the dancefloor. Stream it below.

Brainfeeder will release Lapalux’s debut album ‘Nostalchic’ on 26th March 2013

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