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17.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Last great track: Brenmar

I caught some of brilliant New York producer Brenmar’s set when he was DJing in the UK a little while back. It was fresh and, importantly, loads of fun. He’s playing at our SXSW party this Saturday, so we got him to tell us a bit about the track currently ruling his world.

Ciara – Flaws And All

Ciara – Flaws And All [, 2011]

“Released as an online freebie, this is first new song I heard by Ciara in 2011, and it’s one of my favorite’s. The play count on this track in my itunes is huge, it’s on constant repeat and I’m still not the least bit tired of it.

3 seconds in and your hooked, I mean come on, the track opens up with some solo harp! The emotional resonance of the entire track is on point, it’s something I think we can all relate too on some level, no one’s perfect here. You can count on at least 1 Ciara song during one of my dj sets and I’ve dropped this late at night on some last track vibes. You can see as the couples come together, the grinding, the making out…this baby making music. Whether late night at the club or in the bedroom, this is guaranteed heat.”

Brenmar will DJ at our party on Saturday 19th Of March



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