New Music
01.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Last great track: John Twells #2

Type Records continue to put out incredible, blistering noise with an amazing visual aesthetic. Check out this month’s, rather hypnotic, new Geof Mullen video. However, March sees John deviating perhaps from one might expect and shedding some light on ODFWGKA member Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean – We All Try (ODFWGKA)

“Chances are if you’ve got an internet connection and a fleeting interest in independent music you’ve heard of Odd Future by now. I won’t go into explicit detail but the Wolf Gang of suburban LA teens have over the last twelve months created some of the most arresting (free) music I’ve heard for a long time, and their latest arrival from crooner Frank Ocean is no disappointment.

The first thing that hits you about We All Try is how unexpected it is coming from the OFWGKA camp; it’s smooth, deep and soulful – a far cry from the growling moshpit-friendly post-Neptunes hiccup of Earl Sweatshirt or of self-appointed frontman Tyler, the Creator. Slick production underpins the kind of vocal performance you might expect from Drake and the lyrics don’t even once reference Nazis, rape or Stephen King. People might like to moan about downloads killing the music industry, but it was only a matter of time before a group popped up that were inherently of and for the post-MP3 scene. Downloading hasn’t killed this collective’s creativity, it’s spurred it on, and this free download is a hell of a lot higher quality than most $10.99 physical purchases. What are you waiting for?”


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