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18.01.2016, Words by dummymag

Listen: Choir Of Young Believers - Perfect Estocada

It's very pleasant reading the title of Choir Of Young Believers' new single Perfect Estocada (premiering below) out aloud; it's one of those phrases that rolls off the tongue nicely and has an unusual word that creates intrigue and a lot of mystery. A quick Google search explains that "estocada" refers to "the thrust of the matador's sword used in the final stage of a bullfight and aimed to pass through the neck and kill by striking the aorta." 

Now, we're not sure whether Jannis Noya Makrigiannis likes bullfighting or not, but, it's a gruesome subject matter to digest in the afternoon of year's most depressing day. That aside, Perfect Estocada subsumes the listener into a divine, ghostly atmosphere with flashes of Spanish guitar at odds with some eerie electronics. Though the song has a plaintive, nostalgic tone, Makrigiannis is direct with his delivery – evoking the romantic diction and imagery of Hemingway while keeping anything gory firmly out of the picture.

Listen to Perfect Estocada below and if you're based in London, catch Choir Of Young Believers at Oslo, Hackney on April 8th (details here).

Choir Of Young Believers release 'Grasque' on February 19th through Ghostly International (pre-order Ghostly / Other).

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