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20.10.2011, Words by dummymag

Locked Groove - Moods [MP3]

I first heard about Antwerp producer Locked Groove aka Tim Van de Meutter on Scuba’s DJ Kicks compilation that’s just been released this week via !K7. He’s got a new track coming through and you should check it out. While Drowning (the track that’s featured on the Scuba’s DJ Kicks mix) is a proper slice of deep techno which throbbing percussion sizzles and rattles, Moods displays the house-y and groovy side of this 23-year-old beat-maker. It’s got a pretty tough but shimmering, wrapped up Lone-esque sound for such a mesmerising track – it starts dragging you into a hypnotic state with its subtle tweaking drumbeats and shakes that accent a bed of expansive, pulsing house synths that seem to shift from one pattern to another. The balance between the opposing forces of light and darkness find their feet here – and after, you’ll finally find yourself locked into that groove.

Locked Groove has a new record forthcoming on Hotflush, due out next year, more details to follow.

Locked Groove – Moods by DummyMag

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