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Lotic announces agitations a new mixtape for berlin label janus body image 1445447547
13.11.2015, Words by dummymag

Lotic returns to Berlin collective Janus with mixtape Agitations

Lotic's back with a new mixtape titled 'Agitations', released via Berlin collective Janus. He christened the label with 'Damsels In Distress' last year, a mixtape that presented us with a vision of dystopian club music. 'Agitations', the fourth release to come from Janus, has Lotic playing with contrasts.

One minute you're sonically pummelled with scratching synths raining down like a stream of acid rain and drums knocking through the floor of the tracks and then the next a peaceful ambience clears the chaotic soundscape. 

The record was mastered by Jeremy Cox, who's also been the engineer behind releases from Bjork, M.E.S.H and MM. Stream the full release below: 

'Agitations' is out now via Janus (buy). 

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