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21.02.2024, Words by Aimee Phillips

Mac DeMarco Covers Haruomi Hosono’s 'Boku Wa Chotto'

It's the first in a compilation of covers of Haruomi Hosono’s iconic solo debut, 'Hosono House'

To celebrate 50 years since the release of Haruomi Hosono's iconic first album, 'Hosono House', a number of musicians, including those from the Stones Throw roster, are reimagining the songs, adding new dimensions to its timeless appeal.

Mac DeMarco is the first artist to share a reinterpretation of 'Hosono's House', releasing a cover of 'Boku Wa Chotto'. Sam Gendel, John Carroll Kirby feat. The Mizuhara Sisters (Kiko & Yuka), Pearl & The Oysters, Jerry Paper, Cornelius, Akiko Yano, will also share their own renderings of the beloved record.

While the enigmatic 1973 original fused country, folk, calypso and funk, Mac's stripped-back adaption of album track 'Boku Wa Chotto' features delicate acoustic guitar chords and his instantly recognisable, laid-back vocals. 

Mac says: “Hosono is my hero, I love all of his music, I am eternally at his every beck and call, it is my honour to be a part of this compilation. I recorded this cover in Joe Bird's guest room in Paris, August 2023. I hope my Japanese pronunciation isn’t too horrible.”

Born Tokyo in 1947, Haruomi (or Harry) Hosono was a well known founding member of folk rock act Happy End, as well as the pioneering electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. In his five decade career, the prolific artist helped to shape the Japanese pop music canon and released many solo albums, including 'Hocono House', a 2019 rework of his influential debut record.

 'Hosono House' transcended borders, and has been namechecked as a favourite by contemporary musicians worldwide. The significance of the record soared when Harry Styles credited it as a primary source of inspiration for his Grammy Award-winning album, 'Harry’s House'.

Listen to the track via your preferred service here or on YouTube below:

'Boku Wa Chotto' is out now via Stones Throw Records LLC.

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