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10.01.2020, Words by Billy Ward

Mutant Joe's 'Operation Chaos' project is a neurotic mixing pot of shadowy electronics

The EP makes for an other-worldly audio experience worthy of Joe's mutant title...

Boasting a menacing sound you’d expect to hear blaring out in the grimy back alleys of a criminal underworld, elusive producer Mutant Joe has reared his head from anonymity with dark four-track project ‘Operation Chaos’.

Chaotic by name and by nature, the snappy 17-minute EP follows on from his harrowing debut album ‘Home Invasion Anthems’ which made it into our 50 Best Albums of 2019 list.

Influenced by underground trap, the latest release flexes a new array of the nightmarish disorderly sonics and draws upon vocal features from Freddie Dread and Yvncc.

Released via Manchester-based label Natural Sciences, the project dives into a murky void of unwelcoming and jagged beats, effortlessly stitching together chunks of grime, doom rap, drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep to create an other-worldly audio experience worthy of Joe’s mutant title.

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