New Music
28.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Nautic - Fixxx

Ever since hearing ‘Pet Sounds In The Key Of Dee’ (a mashup album of The Beach Boys and J Dilla that is far more tastefully executed than it sounds on paper), I knew that Bullion was A Thoroughly Decent Man. On his recent singles and remixes he seems to have really discovered his own sound, an indie-leaning strain of British pop music that seems unimpeachably right and which only one or two artists seem to hit properly every couple of years (see also: Metronomy, Django Django, Hot Chip).

His newest release is with Nautic, the supergroup-of-sorts comprising of himself, vocalist Laura Groves (who sometimes operates as Blue Roses) and Tic from Young Turks. If Fixxx were to be described as a ‘coastal jam’ then it’s one from the bitter end of summer, a seaside town once the tourists are gone, when the wind is sharper, when the days are shorter and when the bored locals have been left behind. It appears as the B-side to the also excellent Fresh Eyes, and can be bought from the group’s Bandcamp.

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