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18.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Nike7Up - Mixtape July 2011 [MP3]

Houston’s Nike7Up uses samples as brashly in his music as he uses brand names in his moniker. His tracks have been known to tear the heart out of and piece back together canonical artists from The Beatles to Elvis to Britney, yet all done with an obvious care and sensitivity, which makes him the ultimate in this current group of artists using music’s past as their instrument.

Considering the importance of other people’s music to his own sound then, it seems appropriate that he would throw together a summer mixtape. Don’t expect too much in the way of sunshine and perkiness though, more woozy, twisted R&B, something which has been done a lot over the past year maybe, but his reworking seems a lot more skilled and rich in detail than many.

Nike7Up’s ‘Mixtape July 2011’ is out now here through his blog

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