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04.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Nocturnal rapper David GotSound drops new single 'STILL'

"For some reason I’ve always felt most alive at night"

“For some reason I’ve always felt most alive at night" says London UK rap artist David GotSound. "It’s when I can be most honest with myself, I feel like daytime has so many rules, so much going on that stifles creative and critical thought. At night, while most of the world sleeps I feel like I get the space to pause and to understand my psyche better.”

Borne out of those post-midnight studio sessions, David GotSound’s ‘STILL’ is a song about making space to meditate and be grateful, grateful for health, grateful for love, grateful for healing and grateful for hope. Inspired by the stillness of night, David uses the track's run-time to name his blessings while calling out his very modern lack of contentedness which causes restlessness and distracts him from the things that really matter.

David’s thoughtful lyrics are paired with a gorgeous self-produced UK drill beat. The track’s drums fidget and shuffle, but when they meet the track’s string and horn melodies, they create something equally soothing and hypnotic. With ‘STILL’ David’s intentions as a poet and producer are in perfect lockstep.

Stream 'STILL' via your preferred platform here or listen on Spotify below.

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