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07.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer [MP3]

Oneohtrix Point Never produces completely total jams from Juno synths and the memories of far-out pop like no-one else, and I’m what I can only describe as stoked to share this new track, taken from his new album ‘Replica’, out in November. Over the course of his echo jams of rewired AOR and his series of releases which culminated in 2010’s era-defining ‘Returnal’ (and, of course, his work with Ford and Lopatin / Games), he’s used ambient and electronic pop to point out a new world of American folk music, earthy, native and pure.

The fact that this radical makes radical music with a complete lack of artifice or pretence is what does it for me, and the thousands of others who wait on moments like this. Sleep Dealer sounds understated, a chink in a mirror, a song that sounds like something almost said, and a sign of one of The Moment’s true kings composing from the soul with controls set for the heart of the Sun with the ease of lighting a cigarette. Jesus, so good.

Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer by Mexican Summer

Mexican Summer/Software will release Oneohtrix Point Never’s album ‘Replica’ on the 9th November

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