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05.11.2021, Words by Maisie Goulsbra

Opportunity to make a record with Peter Talisman, new album release 'Lord Of The Harvest'

Slugabed buried the neural cartridge containing the masters in the garden for it to mature...

Peter Talisman is the joint musical venture between Slugabed & Samuel Organ. Their most recent drop ‘Lord Of The Harvest’ is an ethereal twelve-track album that takes its listeners on a cruise along a steady stream of strings, unsettling synths, barely-there vocals and glitched medieval melodies.

The project incorporates the use of vintage equipment alongside cutting edge technology and even a bit of cheeky coding. Once the album was completed, Slugabed buried the neural cartridge containing the masters in the garden for it to mature. That is why it took so long to come out.

Making the second pledge on bandcamp will allow customers to spend time in the studio with Peter himself (Slugabed & Samuel Organ): “Do you require permanence? Do you long for physicality? Here at Peter Talisman Industries, we re-invest heavily in the planting and cultivation of Arcadian crops. All sin shall be expunged and an eternal kingdom of Peace shall befall the land. We only ask for a small investment in order to secure your place in the union of the guild of the harvest. Contact your local councilman for details on how to set up the transfer.”

The album is being released on vinyl through a crowdfund campaign. bandcamp Friday today (which applies to vinyl campaigns) means that any pledges made today will not be subject to bandcamp’s normal revenue share. More information here.

‘Lord Of The Harvest’ is out now via DMY.

Stream it on your preferred service here.

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