New Music
30.07.2013, Words by Sandra Song

Orlogin - Exit Left

Minimal "post-dub" has officially hit the Middle East with the ascent of Orlogin, a Tel Aviv-based producer who releases haunting, beautifully crafted songs via Palestine label Los-Jubilee.

Drenched in reverb and filled with echoey R&B samples – so, very much in the realm of Holy Other and many of the Tri Angle lot – Orlogin's shadowy, far-away sounds have you questioning what exactly's bubbling beneath all the sub-bass. Take tracks like the brand new Exit Left, which frames repetitive, ghost-like vocals with velvety instrumentals and the occasional rhythmic clap. Similar in style to past releases like the multi-faceted, slightly warmer sounding Through Walls, it's all fascinating music that isn't tear-inducingly dull like most downtempo dub tunes. For the most part though, his material – like timbre-heavy Dead Sea – explores even darker territory, featuring elements like a thick, thumping bassline that's somewhat menacing behind underwater vocals, which are incomprehensible save the eerily burble of a repeated "drown."

Superbly produced and demonstrating a fine ear for samples, Orlogin's entire repertoire is slightly threatening and spectral, enveloped in an enigmatic cloak of suggestiveness and carefully measured sensuality. Intriguing and mysterious, it's dark and expectation-defying minimalism at its finest, and channels a strange sort of secretive spiritualism which will leave your senses tingling.

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