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03.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Ossie - 'Ossie Baba' EP

Whether it was a band giving away a song as a Christmas present, a rising producer sharing an unreleased cut as an end-of-year thank you, or simply someone who hadn’t realised that their work would be unfairly ignored by the world at large if released during this relatively small timeframe, there was a surge of good music over the holiday period.

One of these releases came from Ossie, last seen wowing us on his ‘Ignore’ EP for Hyperdub. On New Year’s Eve he shared the ‘Ossie Baba’ EP as a free download, a three-part affair built on different variations of the EP’s title track. Ossie has a real playfulness with his synths, vocals and injections of bass that are just downright fun, but it’s the drums that really make his music what it is. No one else makes percussion like Ossie right now – the drum arrangements somehow maintain the tightest groove whilst keeping the loosest feel, and against the backdrop of Roland drum machines being used by everyone today, they sound totally distinct.

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