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28.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Paleblu Explores Identity On 'Daisies' EP

"a testament to his eclectic influences and artistic vision"

With his unique blend of jungle, drum & bass and UK indie Paleblu drops his brand new 'Daisies' EP. The three track EP is a window into Paleblu's world featuring a diverse musical palette and unconventional lyricism.

Delving into themes of identity and self-discovery, 'Belong' opens with an honest and poignant narrative of navigating the vibrant cityscape of London as a person of mixed heritage. 

The lead track of the EP is a mesmerising collaboration with Luke Glazsher. 'Daisies' invites listeners into a dreamscape of exploration with a nostalgic feel. With ethereal melodies and infectious jungle rhythms, this track embodies the essence of the musical freedom at the heart of Paleblu’s ever-growing catalogue.

Tackling the sensitive subject of mental health and self-care, 'Help Yourself' offers a raw and cathartic exploration of personal struggles. Evocative lyrics coupled with dynamic instrumentation create a powerful anthem of resilience and introspection. This track is the first release of Paleblu’s recorded live with his band - Mike Coppa (Guitar), Sam Glass (Bass), Alex Karakurt (Drums) and Thiago Trosso (Saxophone).

Paleblu's sound is a testament to his eclectic influences and artistic vision, inviting listeners on a transformative sonic journey, where each track serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the human experience. 

Maybe it's time Paleblu got his flowers?

Listen to 'Daisies' via your preferred platform here or stream on Spotify below.

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