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07.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Elements of Light [LP stream]

Clearly recently enjoying the creative company of others, Pantha Du Prince, crafter of some of the most memorable minimal techno of the late-noughties, will release another LP-length joint project next week. ‘Elements of Light’ follows up on the Krautrock manoeuvres of his collaboration with Stephen Arby for 2012’s ‘Ursprung’. This project – originally birthed back in 2011 as a live venture – sees him work alongside Norwegian percussion ensemble The Bell Laboratory.

First impressions are good: the weaving layers of The Bell Laboratory’s chimes instantly click with the German’s majestic production. When Pantha makes his presence emphatic – no one moulds a muted bass kick quite like he does – there’s an enticing sense of tension and release between the musicians: sometimes enmeshing, at others uniting for bursts of blissful lightness and uplifting warmth.

NPR – consistently a source worth watching for tantalising album previews – have got a continuous stream ‘Elements of Light’. Here’s the tracklist below:

1. Wave
2. Particle
3. Photon
4. Spectral Split
5. Quantum

Rough Trade will release ‘Elements of Light’ on the 14th January

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