New Music
08.11.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby


One of Dummy’s favourite new artists of this year, patten follows up his debut album ‘GLAQJO XAACSSO’ with a second EP of remixes. Having gifted remixers with only abstracted “chunks” of each track, as opposed to the stems, what’s interesting about the results are the patterns and melodies that spring forth from the fertile ground of patten’s original, often obscured creations. Vanilla Hammer’s “mutation” of Fire Dream finds a cleansing peace in waves of undulating white noise; Ukkonen teases Blush Mosaic into a tumbling, deep house slow burner; Orphan builds Rubylith Film into a sultry, shrouded, synth-pop instrumental; Words Collided becomes a stuttering, off-step, bassy number under Dro Carey’s gaze; and Halls gets all misty-eyed over A.M./Soft Focus, adding vocals and spinning it into an a hazy dream in which the original track is but an echo.


No Pain In Pop released ‘GLAQJO XAACSSO’ on September 26th 2011

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