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28.01.2022, Words by Billy Ward

phonewifey and Roma Radz ask 'What Just Happened?' with their razor-sharp new single

"Production-and-song-writing-wise it’s probably the most direct influence I’ve ever taken from PC music..."

Following the release of their recent hard-trance single ‘FOREVER 3021’ earlier in the month, phonewifey has already got off to a blistering start in 2022. Now, the UK hyperpop scene trailblazer is back again, this time re-igniting their partnership with Roma Radz for one of the pair’s catchiest and poppiest collaborations to date.

“‘What Just Happened?’ is actually the oldest track from the upcoming album ‘Forever 2021’: I wrote the song and recorded my parts in early 2020 and it sat dormant for over a year waiting for the right project to become a part of,” phonewifey says. “After Romz and I got into a groove of working together a lot, we had met in 2020 and begun working together across multiple projects, this song floated to the surface and started to feel like a perfect fit for us both.

“Production-and-song-writing-wise it’s probably the most direct influence I’ve ever taken from PC music. I’ve always loved how clarity, brightness and catchiness were the cornerstones of that scene’s early sound and I wanted to make something which had a similar, razor-sharp pop focus. 

“Romz is an absolute pop princess; her vision and approach to that aesthetic is incredible. It’s been amazing working on projects together for almost two years now, as well as sharing the stage with her at shows. In some ways I feel like a bit of an elder sibling,” they add. 

‘Forever 2021’ the full album is dropping in March 2022.

Stream ‘What Just Happened?’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘What Just Happened?’ by phonewifey and Roma Radz is out now on New Dance Craze via DMY.

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