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14.01.2022, Words by Billy Ward

phonewifey's hard-trance single 'FOREVER 3021' is a "seven-minute, multi-sectioned epic"

"I couldn’t think of anyone other than girl_irl to appear on this track..."

Directly on the heels of their previous single ‘Forever 2021’, phonewifey gets their year underway today with a huge follow up track ‘FOREVER 3021’.

While their last release was a melancholic pop track that commented on the present state of the music industry, the experimental producer’s latest offering is a hard-trance dystopian imagining of a mainstream culture and fashion industry left to carry on unhindered with its exploitation and expansion.

“I have a thing for vast types of music: expansive songs and huge sounding arrangements. I really explored that approach with my record from 2021 ‘HARD YEAR’. This track is almost like a sequel to the title track and first single ‘Forever 2021’, and it really goes back to that expansive way of writing,” says phonewifey. “It’s a seven-minute, multi-sectioned epic that builds and builds to an insane crescendo, venting frustrations at aspects of mainstream culture and consumer capitalism. ‘Forever 2021’ and ‘FOREVER 3021’ bookend the whole project, so releasing them first was a very deliberate move, they have such opposing energies but the tracks fill out the album (in my head, at least) make it all make sense.”

Complete with swirling synths, dizzying production and giddy vocal performances, phonewifey enlists the inimitable style of girl_irl to give the track an extra dose of magic. “I couldn’t think of anyone other than girl_irl to appear on this track. Their vocal style is so perfect for hard music, they once described their approach as soft vocals on heavy beats and that contrast just pops so hard. I’ve been a fan of girl_irl’s music since they started releasing and when I began writing this track it became abundantly clear that I had to reach out and see if they were down for the collab”, phonewifey adds. 

‘Forever 2021’ the full album is dropping in March 2022.

Stream ‘FOREVER 3021’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘FOREVER 3021’ by phonewifey and girl_irl is out now on New Dance Craze via DMY.

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