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26.05.2023, Words by Billy Ward

phonewifey's new single 'FAIRPLAY' is an ode to the highs and lows of their teenage years

"Six-for-five-pound cans of lager, bottomless roll-ups, endless house parties and local gigs..."

'FAIRPLAY' is the third single from phonewifey's upcoming project 'NEW LANDFILL'. 

After dropping the politically-charged anthem anthem 'Overflow' back in April, the new offering arrives in the form of a pounding indie-disco anthem that chronicles the highs and lows of their generation's teenage years.

"A swirling haze of six-for-five-pound cans of lager, bottomless roll-ups, endless house parties and local gigs," says phonewifey, putting their generation into context, "but with the weight of austerity following the '08 crash just around the corner about to irreparably change the landscape..."

If the last two tracks to be lifted from the 'NEW LANDFILL' project are anything to go by, then the forthcoming record is shaping up to be phonewifey's most socially conscious yet. 

Describing the meaning behind his last single, the Londoner said: "As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen more and more of the important institutions, venues and hang-outs that made music a possible avenue for me growing up close down, or become unrecognisable and unaffordable for the next generation of up-and-coming artists."

"Local music venues and pubs that I cut my teeth playing live at turned into Tesco Metros. Youth centres, like the one I used to practice in, gutted of funding. It feels like a combination of austerity and an aggressive profit motive has robbed London of its most vibrant underground spaces," they added. 

"Support the spaces that gave you your opportunities, because someone else will need them in the future and, if the last twenty years has taught me anything, they’re ALWAYS under threat."

Stream 'FAIRPLAY' below: 

'FAIRPLAY' by phonewifey is out now on NEW DANCE CRAZE via DMY.

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