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09.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Porcelain Raft - Gone Blind (Memory Tapes remix) [Exclusive MP3]

Near the beginning of the year, Canadian label Acephale Records released Porcelain Raft’s – Italian-in-London-now-New-York-we-last-heard Mauro Remiddi – ‘Gone Blind’ EP. It’s a special record, vulnerable, delicate, but his way with guitar haze still firm, the melodies of his songs a solid backbone for his fragile voice. Acephale are now unleashing a series of remixes, with reinterpretations coming from CFCF, Memoryhouse, Babe Rainbow and Pierce & Pierce. Here you can download the remix from New Jersey’s Memory Tapes, who’s album ‘Player Piano’ is out now on Carpark Records. It’s a track with its heart in the right place, sparkling electronics, a swooning guitar lines, every sound gossamer-fine. An ideal soothing balm for such a morning, basically.

Acephale Records released Porcelain Raft’s ‘Gone Blind’ EP on 22nd February 2011

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