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09.11.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Premiere: Coyote Clean Up - Grrrlfriend Plz

Coyote Clean Up is the musical project of Detroit producer Ice Cold Chrissy who earlier this year released his ‘Frozen Solid’ cassette on LA underground house label 100% Silk. ‘Magma Mondays’, out 19th November, is his follow-up on the also LA-based Time No Place label and the endlessly groovy Grrrlfriend Plz is the clear standout: all moody synths, acid distortion and rattling drums. Coyote Clean Up spills the beans on how it came to be below.

Coyote Clean Up: “Grrrlfriend Plz was one of those tracks that seemed to just magically appear on my hard drive over night. Back in the 90s friends of mine used to do live acid house sets at raves and I’d mess around on their gear at home. Things would always get too fast, dark, hard, and synthetic for my taste at the time – I was a bit terrified of the rave scene for a while which didn’t help – the combo would freak me out and give me anxiety attacks. This track is my obvious attempt to soften the sound, dunk it underwater, and put a warm pastel wash over it. Seriously? Did I just say that? Girlfriend please!”

“The track spelling is a nod to early Riot Grrrl which I had always been a fan of. The qualities of that era are something that has always influenced my work.. feminism, raw emotion, urgency, low fidelity, and the way all the instrumentation would just crashed into each other. I like the vibe when a track sounds like it’s tripping over itself trying to make it to the finish.”

Time No Place release Coyote Clean Up ‘Magma Mondays’ on 19th November 2012

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