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Hagan press shot
30.08.2017, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Hagan - Detect

UK label Push & Run have been on a searing run of late – widescreen club heaters from Otik and uncategorisable neo-jazz/garage hybrids from Benjamin Muñoz are among the gems they’ve been putting out. Their next release is from London producer Hagan, who you may know from his 'Lockdown' EP released last year on Beat Werk. While that music showcased Hagan’s talent for sound design in the form of glossy, grime-influenced club tracks, his new EP 'Roots' is the product of a long period of time spent honing and refining his sound, focusing on “the origins of why [he] started making music.”

With most of the tracks nearing the 5-minute mark, they have space to breathe and extend, and really settle into a groove that so many of today’s hyperactive producers couldn’t hope to touch. Drawing on everything from afrobeat to gqom, it’s an inspired listen from a producer really coming into his own. With the EP out on September 1st, we’ve got the premiere of ‘Detect’ for your listening pleasure. The splintered percussion positions this track somewhere between UK funky and East Coast ballroom, with a haunted ambience that evokes pirate radio signals and smoky London basements.

Listen to 'Detect' exclusively below:


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