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08.03.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Happa - 'PT/3.2' EP

Dance music wonderkid Happa has spent the last six years electrifying dancefloors with raw bass, rhythm and gritty vibrations to have the heart pulsating. Rooted in everything from dubstep to techno, he has traversed through a diverse sonic world and carved out a lane for himself.

In his first release of 2018, he shares his new EP PT/3.2 via his own PT5 label, the follow up to his PT/3.1 released last year. A two-track offering, it begins with a calm before the storm on 'Clouds (Sax)' before reaching its crescendo on 'Blademir', a somewhat hazy, mechanic track steeped in dance culture.

Listen to the EP exclusively below.

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