New Music
19.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Lilacs & Champagne - Lilacs

To put it crudely, when it comes to music about past music, the Americans do hypnogogic, and us Brits do hauntological. Lilacs & Champagne, Alex Hall and Emil Amos of Portland band Grails, seem to interrupt that, making instrumental music spookily shot through with early electronics and sadness with none of the stoned surface connected with their nationals.

The above song, which we are proud to premiere, is from their self-titled debut album, and finds a mid-point between Kenny Rogers and The Advisory Circle. For that, you should be grateful.

Lilacs & Champagne – Lilacs by Mexican Summer

Mexican Summer will release Lilacs & Champagne’s self-titled debut album on the 31st January 2012

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