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11.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Love Echo - Hush

On their Soundcloud, Love Echo – comprising producer Vic Miranda and vocalist Vicki Glass – list some rather humorously knowing genre names: things like “post-chillwave, post-post-twee, post-traumatic stress disorder”. While these are playful, they do hint at a desire to avoid overt classification. Perhaps due to their globe-trotting connections (they met in Paris, Vic is from Luxembourg and Vicki is based in Tokyo), while their debut reaches for a clear pop sensibility, it doesn’t bother itself in reaching towards some hastily coined new scene or online sound.

Rather, their aesthetic is one that confidently burns off any excess to leave the pure chemistry between the pair – built on hypnotic keyboards that continuously encircle Vicki’s murmuring, evaporating vocals. Hush, lifted from the ‘I Promise You Always The Sky’ album, displays their triumphant simplicity – whipping up swirling atmospherics that seem to keep expanding out into an icy void. Stream the track below, and scroll down to read our chat with Vic and Vicki.

Hi Love Echo, what have you been up to recently?

Hello! Lately we’ve been searching for inspiration for a follow-up release by curling up in bed with hypnotic psychedelia and exotic dreamscapes – some good friends of ours.

You’ve said you hope people will find the “debut so chill they’ll get goosebumps”, and restraint feels like a key to its success– how easy was it to capture this in the production?

It was very natural for us. We appreciate the beauty of silence and solitude and somehow wanted to incorporate that in the sound. We wanted people to feel the silence in a sense, and put them in a space where they have no choice but to listen carefully, which requires that they take a break from it all and chill.

Hush certainly carries an air of restraint – but there’s also an eerie atmosphere running under its dreamy warmth. Was this something you were consciously trying to evoke?

Most definitely. Hush was the first track we did together, keeping this sense of the beauty of silence in mind. Hence the name Hush. We had the image of a warm breeze providing a lulling background hum to the silence. When we are making music together we often feel that we are in the middle of a daydream, and when we snap out of it we’re often quite surprised by the result. We work so naturally together, and Hush was one of the many tracks that flowed out ethereally and rather instantaneously in this way.

Are there any new artists coming out of Luxembourg, or things going on in the city right now that you’d like to flag up for the Dummy readers?

We actually spend most of our time away from Luxembourg. At the moment it’s fair to say that we are everywhere. The only artist from Luxembourg that we really know and highly respect is Sun Glitters. And we don’t say that just because he is a good friend, but because he is a talented and inspirational
artist. And we highly recommend anyone who comes to Luxembourg city to go to the Chocolate House across from the Grand Ducal Palace, for obvious reasons.

Lebenstrasse Records will release the ‘I Promise You Always The Sky’ LP on 28th January

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