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09.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Peaking Lights – Amazing And Wonderful (Cadenza remix)

Cadenza – also known as Oliver Rodigan – is a chap we released a record by called The Darkest Hype, and his contribution to the remix package of dub duo Peaking Lights is a starry, subtle rewiring, adding polyrhythms and eastern strings to Amazing And Wonderful. Soaked in the burgeoning dread at the heart of dubstep, it’s reminiscent of a less grime-y version of Exeman’s Far East, taking Peaking Lights on a one-way trip to London’s Orient.

The song appears on Peaking Light’s remix album through Domino imprint Weird World Records alongside other interesting new artists like Maria Minerva, d’Eon and Damu, and you can watch a documentary on the pair below the premiere of Cadenza’s remix. The album is is available now, and very good.

Peaking Lights – Amazing & Wonderful (Cadenza Remix) by Weird World Record Co

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