New Music
13.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Sculpture – Slime Code 1 (extract)

I’ve been reading Bruce Chatwin’s wonderful book about Indigenous Australian mapping of the outback through music The Songlines and, as a result, seeing Aboriginal stuff everywhere. The video to Sculpture’s Slime is no different, being that there’s a brown bit and some interlocking white bits. The music itself sounds a bit like the Songlines themselves – ancestral, bold, unknowable and made from wood.

It’s clever electronica that’s way easier to listen to than it sounds (can we rehabilitate the word “funky” for this, please?), so little surprise, then, that patten is a fan. The London musician that we went dotty for last year has set up a label called Kaleidoscope, and Sculpture is the first release. Sculpture’s ‘Toad Blinker’ was a terrific album, and next bracing adventure will come out as a highly limited tape and unlimited download on Valentine’s Day. Each tape is an exclusive dub, a piece of dispersed audio folk art, ready for modern Dreaming.

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