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16.02.2016, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Sei A - Ancestors

After two years in the making, Scottish producer Sei A’s third album 'Space in Your Mind' is almost ready to drop. Emerging in 2008, Sei A, also known as Andy Graham, has racked up more than 15 EPs across labels such as Turbo, Kompakt but returns to his current homestead with something a little different. A "ten track opus" set for release on Will Saul's Aus Music imprint, 'Space in Your Mind' is an absorbing listen, peppered with sombre undertones.

“The LP came from writing a lot of music in a short space of time,” says Sei A. “I felt I had grasped a sound and I wanted to expand it further. Musically I was finding that the material had much more space within the sound, with the main structure of it being melodies, therefore giving it quite a rich feel throughout. I was also aiming to expand on writing actual songs that take in verse/chorus, verse/chorus structures.” 

Swimmingly sombre, Ancestors features pained vocals up against a minimal melody, slowly building as the track gathers momentum. The entire release is a testament to Sei A's varied production skills with a nod to the after-hours, early morning lurks or laidback home-listening.

'Space In Your Mind' is set for release March 18th on Aus Music (pre-order).

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