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24.04.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Premiere: Sergic & Lyka - Bulletproof EP

The third release from Tumble Audio comes from co-founders Sergic & Lyka, who have paired up for the ‘Bulletproof’ EP. The label is a dance-orientated off-shoot of East Midlands hub MIMM and has been putting out music and running events that draw lines between different strands of British electronic music since 2012. Their last release by Bristolian producer Majora (‘The Boss Key’ EP) got a lot of love from Rinse FM’s top funky house DJ Marcus Nasty even though it more than strays to the darker sounds he’s mostly left behind him.

‘Bulletproof’ treads a similar middle path. Sweet house intros unexpectedly lead into harsh bassline workouts, four-to-the-floor beats are never steady and foreboding generally looms no matter how fun things get. Like much of the music coming out of the area however, the mix doesn’t sound forced – more a natural representation of a diverse palette of influences with a distinct local bend. Stream it here.

Tumble Audio will release the ‘Bulletproof’ EP on 6th May

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